From life history to storytelling: Audio dramas showcasing important issues within the BNTV community

Researcher Amy Prescott

From 2017-2021 a doctoral research study, funded by the NCCF and Brunel University London, investigating the health and wellbeing of British Nuclear Test Veterans was undertaken by Amy Prescott. Read more about the research here. The findings of this research were presented as three creative nonfiction stories which have been adapted into audio 'dramas'. These were created with participants from the Brunel Older People's Reference Group (BORG) and recorded at Brunel University London. The scripts were written by Alex Perry and the production and editing was by Squeaky Pedal. We thank everyone who helped to bring the voices of the participants to life.

An Unlikely Meeting

In this story, two strangers meet by chance and engage in hours of conversation about their experiences of being part of the nuclear testing programme sixty years ago and life in the forces, love and loss, their ageing bodies, loneliness and feeling like outsiders. Over tea and cake, one national serviceman and one naval officer put the world to rights.

Age is Just a Number

Jean has only lived in Little Hamwell for a month; she had moved there to be closer to her daughter after her husband died last year. Although her daughter wanted her to move so she wouldn’t be alone, Jean now has no one in the village she knows. Percy and Dawn can’t wait to show her that keeping busy and making new acquaintances will be more important than ever.

In Sickness and in Health

Life for Bernard and Gladys is difficult. Four years ago, Bernard lost his ability to walk, drive, and enjoy his retirement. He lost his independence. Every day he feels like a burden on his wife for having to taking care of him. In sickness and health, that’s what Gladys reminds him.