STEM project: Radiation Biomarkers module

As part of ongoing engagement with Brunel's Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Centre,  we have developed an interactive educational resource for school children aged 14 -16. The scientific aim of this resource is to introduce basic radiobiological concepts and to show how chromosome aberrations can be used as biomarkers to measure or estimate the amount of radiation a person might have received.

This version of the STEM project has been slightly modified for the CHRC website, to that which will be delivered through Brunel's STEM Centre.

Welcome to the Radiation Biomarkers Challenge


Level 1: Radiation

Level 2: Radiation and Chromosome Aberrations

Level 3: Chromosome Aberrations as Biomarkers

We would like to say thank you to all the staff and students involved: Staff: Dr Rhona Anderson: Reader (CHMLS) and CHRC Director, Alice La Rooy: Head of Digital Education (BEEC), Dr Alan Mannion: Lecturer in Digital Media and Music Technology (CDEPS), Dr Alex Perry: CHRC Communications and Engagement, Lesley Anne Warren: Senior Student Recruitment Officer (STEM) and Julie Whittaker: CHRC Centre Manager. Students:  Student STEM Ambassadors, Alireza Royaei: Dept. Electronic and Computer Engineering(CEDPS) and Marceli Stempak: Dept. Electronic and Computer Engineering (CEDPS). Website version support: Work placement students Aqeela Amanullah, Zurka Jabar and Shania Sukumaran.

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